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Rad & New: Germany Germany – Radiowave/Last Summer

2010’s most productive artist Germany Germany returns yet again with no less than two new albums available today: Radiowave and Last Summer. Radiowave is his first commercial release and is published through THaF Records. Purchase HERE.

Radiowave is pretty great all the way. Drew Harris proves yet again his ability to strap together beautiful indiepop songs with stunningly accurate electronic production. The album features banging instrumental tracks like River that are super fun -especially while driving through your home town- and more dreamy tracks like Eyes On The Ocean and Rain that almost make you feel the beauty and fresh air of British Columbia’s mountainous nature. Take a deep breath. Victoria Jago and Jessica Morgan’s vocals beautifully complete Drew’s production to next level pop songs with an 80s feel on 120 and Moon respectively. Besides the epic title track, which premiered on Poule d’Or 3 in May, I really dig the somewhat dark and fast-paced I Can’t Be:

Germany Germany – I Can’t Be

Last Summer is Radiowave’s free companion and more introverted than its paid brother. The opening track Beginning is a magnificent piece of work, been grooving hard to it all week. The tone however gets slower and more contemplative with Too Much To Say and Last Summer and reaches its pinnacle on Nostalgia and Static when Germany Germany gorgeously celebrates the renaissance of the electro ballad. The production of Tape Deck Revolution actually dates back to 2006 which is quite remarkable. Last Summer is available for free on Distorted Disco Records.

Germany Germany – Beginning

Given that the Germany Germany project started only 10 months ago, it’s really impressive to see -and hear for that matter- the development and maturation his sound has taken from the debut Distorted Disco over Electrolove all the way to his fourth and strongest album Last Summer. Every single release has been so much better than most of the crap that’s out there floating on the hazy blogosphere. Germany Germany truly rules 2010.

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