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Reeperbahn Festival 2010: Interview – The Lost Crew

This weekend Hamburg’s famous annual Reeperbahn Festival is opening its doors for its 2010 edition. Amongst the line-up -besides big names like Marina & The Diamonds and Wolf Parade- the lovely Lost Crew! The Festival guide finds warm words about the Poule d’Or #4 graduates:

”Don’t look further: This is the cheezy summer soundtrack everyone’s been looking for! Open your windows, turn your stereo up and forget the happy father-mother-child-family in the flat below. The Lost Crew are too good to be played at low volume or in the background!

Of course, you could just as easily hate them: Because they haven’t released an album, yet, or because all the cool people love them. And just in case you haven’t heard of this new Swedish music sensation: You like them because of songs like ‘I Thought I Heard’, ‘Almost Midnight’ and ‘Make It’. So, go and join the hipster conversations!

It looks like the Scandinavians did it again: another hit band in the making. It won’t be long until labels fight over them. So, we’re lucky The Lost Crew have kept the Reeperbahn Festival weekend free!”

-Reeperbahn Festival

Hipster, huh? Undeniably, The Lost Crew has that special quantum that makes a song stick in your head all day and you find yourself mumbling the lines while doing the dishes. Time to get to know the one of the minds behind the freshness. The Poule interviewed David Alexander (on the right in the picture) over the weekend :

First of all, thanks for participating in Poule d’Or 4! Where are you from?

David: South of Sweden mostly. Some other places too. At the moment we live in Malmö.

How did you meet each other?

David: Well. Three of us have been friends for like ten years or so. The fourth man was found through mutual friends. We also have a fifth live member!

Is there a story behind your band name? Ever been ‘lost’?

David: I guess we’re kind of lost all the time!? And band names are really hard to figure out. I think The Lost Crew was an easy name to remember so we picked it. I have no idea if it suits our music!?

Definitely a catchy name – especially when abbreviated TLC hehe. When did you start making music in the current formation?

David: In the beginning of 2010. Do you like it? People have been more positive than we could ever hope actually. The feedback has been fantastic! Thanks!

I certainly do. Yet, it’s difficult to put the finger on your secret ingredient. What are major influences to your sound?

David: Oh. Hard question. We really like the pop sound of Manchester. But also african rythms, disco, funk and post-punk. Not least the French pop wave!

What’s the story behind ‘Think I’ll Go Sailing For A While’?

David: It’s about a feeling. I guess the lyrics is kind of metaphoric. It can be interpreted in many ways. It’s up to the listener.

Do you sail?

David: Not that often unfortunately. I get so seasick.

What’s the ideal environment to listen to your music?

David: Very hard one. I have no idea. Live, at a club I hope. Maybe at your favourite summer festival? Maybe in your car? We haven’t tried it in a car yet since none of us has one.

I can confirm that ‘I Thought I Heard’ is really enjoyable while driving! When is your debut album due?

David: It’s coming sometime during the winter 2010/2011 if everything works out as planned.

You’ll be playing at Reeperbahn Festival on Friday, have you ever been to Hamburg or other parts of Germany?

David: We like Germany! The music scene over there is good and people are very nice. Hamburg is a very nice city and we like Reeperbahn and St.Pauli. Very interesting areas.

Do you wear fancy clothes on stage?

David: Haha. It depends on what fancy means in this case!? We just wear the clothes we like, but if they are fancy or not I can’t tell.

What kind of music do you personally like?

David: Nothing and everything. A couple of bands that influenced us are: Prefab Sprout, Orange Juice, Ecco & The Bunnymen, The Police, and lot’s of others of course!

What are your plans for the rest of 2010?

David: We are going to play some more live shows and then hopefully be albe to focus on, and record, our upcoming album.

Thanks, David. I hope you’ll enjoy Hamburg!

The Lost Crew are:

Andreas Andersson, David Alexander, Rasmus Andersson, Staffan Wieslander and Live member Erik Nylén

They are playing live at Reeperbahn Festival, Molotow Bar, Friday September 24th, 21h00

MySpace / facebook / twitter / free download: Think I’ll Go Sailing For A While

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  • eric September 21, 2010, 8:57 am

    I just love The Lost Crew!

    Wish I could come to Germany to see them!


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