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1982 Electrolove : Synthetic Romance

The folks over at Dark Entries Records have posted an ultra-rare Synth-Pop compilation from 1982 entitled Synthetic Romance. From the back of the album :

“(..) The groups are varied, from all parts of the country and all walks of life, with one thing in common – the synthesizer – perhaps the most sophisticated instrument of our century.
This album is intended to promote the best new groups performing their own material. It also demonstrates the imagination and foresight of these yet little known musicians.”

A synthesizer-glorifying compilation from the early 80s : is there anything better than that? Unlikely. As expected, there are some pretty cool tracks on the compilation but most notably the authentic 1982 avant-garde vibe is really unbeatable.

Dark Entries have digitalized the whole thing and you can download it for free on their website.

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