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Number Four // Numéro Quatre

Knock Knock! Who’s there? Oh! The new Poule d’Or Compilation arrived! YAY!

After the quite successful third Compilation, the Poule felt a rising pressure to ‘deliver’, so -being a perfectionist- this one took almost three months to be put together. The Poule would like to thank all the artists and bands involved for talking part (again), so much positive feedback and so many wonderful tracks! There is so much talent on this edition, so many promising new bands, it’ll be really, really exciting to watch where their paths will take them. And of course, merci beaucoup to all the people who downloaded the Compilations so far, it’s really quite overwhelming to see the download figures moving up every day. And it’s making the Poule very happy. Hope you enjoy this edition as much as the previous ones.


1. Wise Blood – Here Comes The Sun // “This is the life, hold on tight”. Christopher Laufman’s solo project mixing various genres. Track one of the absolutely tremendous and ungoogleable 10-minute EP entitled ‘+’ available on his bandcamp page. Could listen to this song forever, too bad it’s just 1:49. Get that EP though, it’s awesome! / Houston, Texas / myspace / bandcamp

2. Young Empires – Glory Of The Night // What’s to say about Young Empires.. they don’t cease to amaze. It seems like everything they release is simply awesome. Glory of the Night is brilliant and might be my favorite joint out of their young catalogue.. the Poule longs for more.. bring it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.. / Toronto, Canada / myspace / facebook

3. My Tiger My Timing – On My Record Player // Another brilliant catchy pop song by the Poule’s favorite Tiger quintet. They are readying their debut LP, really stoked to hear how that turns out. Better make room in your annual top 5. / London, United Kingdom / facebook / homepage / myspace

4. NY Fan – Hopelessly // Finally, new material from Dutchwoman NY Fan! Can’t get enough of her voice, stunning. Hopelessly is a lovely and very catchy 80s-inspired pop song. / Utrecht, Netherlands / facebook / myspace

5. DOM – Living In America // This song will have you dancing on the chair at your desk or wherever you are. Powerful song on the first listen, it’s so sexyyyyyy, baby, we’re living in America… / Worcester, Massachusetts / myspace / muxtape / facebook

6. Bravestation – White Wolves // Very cool and instantly likeable indie pop song. They released a ridiculously good self-titled debut EP, available on iTunes. It was quite hard to pick a song for the compilation from it, they are all equally superb. / Toronto, Canada / facebook / myspace

7. The Lost Crew – I Thought I Heard // A young swedish quartet crafting beautiful indiepop. They make it look so easy, amazing. How come they have less than 120 listeners on last.fm?! / Malmö, Sweden / facebook / myspace / twitter

8. Sticky Fingers – Juicy Ones // Refreshing new indie pop sound. Grrrrreat song. Australia is producing so much good music lately. / Sydney, Australia / myspace / homepage / facebook / blogspot / bandcamp

9. Egyptian Hip Hop – Rad Pitt // The neither-egyptians-nor-hiphoppers created quite some internet buzz last winter with a few demo tracks, ‘Rad Pitt’ primarily. Really promising stuff. They played at Glastonbury this year.. I know, awesome right? Still very enjoyable in the summer. / Manchester, United Kingdom / facebook / myspace

10. Camden – Summergum // Marvelous song by Jason, Jim, Timmy, Chris and Jason. If you want more, they have a very lovely EP entitled ‘Vale’ and a video up on bandcamp. / Boston, Massachusetts / myspace / facebook / bandcamp / homepage

11. Hot Spa – Kiola Beach // Excellent good mood indie pop song – pretty impressive first demo by this five-piece. They also made a video for the song out of ‘family footage from the 70s’. Good things can be expected for their future. / Sydney, Australia / Kiola Beach video / facebook / myspace

12. Elite Gymnastics – If U Love Me // Oooh boy Elite Gymnastics are one of the finds of the summer. That song stuck with the Poule for the past months. Just brilliant. Get their rad EP ‘Real Friends’ from tumblr as soon as humanly possible. / Minneapolis, Minnesota / myspace / tumblr / facebook /

13. unouomedude – Island Summer // You-know-you-owe-me-dude.. Crafty summer jam, very chilled. From Uno’s rad EP ‘Marsh’ available on his bandcamp. Also a very rad photo collection on flickr you might wanna check out. Matt over at ‘Pigeon Post’ has a nice interview online. Cool dude. / Jacksonville, Florida / facebook / myspace / bandcamp / flickr / tumblr / twitter

14. Beat Connection – In The Water // When the Poule first heard this track, it pretty much blew him away. Wow. They are serious. Brilliant tropical drum infused dance pop. Get their ‘Surf Noir’ EP from bandcamp. / Seattle, Washington / myspace / facebook / bandcamp

15. Porcelain Raft – While I’m Here // Photo-interviewed by the Poule in April. Another dreamy ‘chillwavey’ song by the London-based Roman. Further valuable material available on his bandcamp. / London, United Kingdom / facebook / bandcamp

16. FiVENG – Jonah // Beautiful ‘chillwave’ track. Excited to hear more from him. He got Forkcast-love already.. good for him. / San Francisco, California / facebook / myspace / bandcamp / tumblr

17. Karl X Johan – Flames // There is something to Electropop that only Swedes achieve to provide. Strange yet very wonderful. They sampled Ennio Morricone’s Untouchables score. Maybe that’s it. Maybe it just doesn’t get better any than that. Truly epic sound. / Stockholm, Sweden / myspace

18. ArnHao – Oh?! (Intangible Fantasy) // The Poule interviewed the great and charming ArnHao a couple of weeks ago, this is their song. “I want to ride my bicycle into the sky.” Perfect dance pop. / Atlanta, Georgia / facebook / myspace

C’est tout : Now go ahead and enjoy:


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  • jean August 19, 2010, 1:07 am

    I Love The Lost Crew!!!!

    • hen August 19, 2010, 1:10 am

      they’re amazing!! hope you enjoy the comp

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