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Poule d’Or Compilation: 2nd edition

Hold on to your wigs and keys because the second edition of the Poule d’Or Compilation is ready to rock your speakers!

A quick walk through the tracklist:

1. We Are EyesightOn The Road: House/Electro duo from Paris, Romain (DJ & producer) & Ed (Designer).

2. Dadajugend PolyformDada Jeunesse: German Electronica/Post Punk quartet signed to Audiolith.

3. James YuillUFO: My favorite track on this compilation. James used noise samples fans sent him to make this song. Pretty incredible. He is signed to Moshi Moshi, his second album will be out in June.

4. Liquid Vega – Strange Music: Vincent & Genevieve from the UK, signed to the swedish label Force Majeure. Debut ‘Dead Sun’ out May 15th.

5. Germany Germany – Friday Night Remix: He doesnt need no introduction. Germany Germany apparently liked NY Fanz’ track on the first compilation so much he remixed it. Pure greatness.

6. So I’m Jo – Waiting For Time: I was downright shocked by how little known they are when I checked their last-fm profile because I have been listening to Glen Cassidy & Damon Cameron from Sydney for quite some time now. This track is from their modularfield debut release ‘Entrevoir’ available for download here (free).

7. LectroLips – Super Human: Catchy electropop from Ant & Leo from the UK.

8. Gold Zebra – Six Years: Brilliant track from Julie (Vocals) & JP Richard (Production) from Montreal, Canada.

9. Kisses – Bermuda: Dreamy pop title from Jesse & Zinzi from Los Angeles, California.

10. Degrees – Breakdown: New Wave pop from Swedes Mikael Jacobson & Rickard Folke.

11. The Da Vincis – 50’s Film: Light pop track from Andrew Burke (keys & vocals), Gavin Fields (drums & vocals) & Peyton Randolph (bass) from Jackson, Mississippi.

Overall, more electronic than the first edition..

Thanks to all the bands and artists for wanting to be a part of the second edition! It’s been so much fun.

Now enjoy the second Poule d’Or Compilation. And let me know what you think!


Make sure you download the first edition too in case you haven’t… and Happy Passover everybody!

you wanna be on the next compilation? email me: hen@pouledor.com

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