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Bands to watch in 2010: Monogold

Monogold is a three piece indie band from New York. They just won the deli mag’s band of the year award for the categorie “indie/avant”. Gosh, don’t you just love categories… anyway, they rightly won because their 7-track record “We Animals” really rocks. It is also the mag’s album of the month. I’m no good at describing what something sounds like, so here is what the deli mag wrote: “Monogold’s new CD “We Animals” showcases the band’s evolution from a rather traditional shoegaze sound into something more ambient and “avant”.” So there you go. The band itself describes their sound as: “a hippopotumas, lady bug, stripped bass, dragon fly, chimpanzee, owl, swan, crocodile, ant, beaver, octopus, blue jay, tiger shark, lamb, garter snake, polar bear, centipede, sloth, bumble bee, sea horse, cocker spaniel, plankton, humpback whale.” I wonder what plankton sounds like..

You can listen to it on their myspace page. My personal favorites are “Dead Sea Minerals” and “Atlas”.

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