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Casiokids !!!

I blogged about the great track Fot I Hose by Casiokids in March last year – when my blog wasn’t really a blog yet haha. That song was stuck in my head all year. I read it is even featured in the video game FIFA10 by EA Sports which is quite an accomplishment I guess.. Anyway, last night, I finally caught them live and Fot I Hose was the last song in a 45-min set. Very laid back, very norwegian band. The singer took a bow after each song and waved kinda shy into the crowd haha. Brilliant show.


Good Shoes played as well yesterday. Right before Casiokids actually, which surprised me because they are way more popular right now and just released their sophomore album, while Casiokids have only released a couple of 2 track singles. They were really cool, too. Check their myspace page if you are not familiar with their work. Click here for Casiokids’ myspace page.

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