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John Moods settles down in German meadows

The musical year is picking up speed nicely and next week the one and only John Moods is set to play some fine stages across the old Bundesrepublik of Germany. He will be busy celebrating the release of his new album The Great Design from November, via the cool Mansions and Millions.

The record is a clean cut throughout, neatly combining his keen touch for vast electronic soundscapes, cool vocals and crisp harmonies. A firm statement after a line of smooth EPs and pleasing aesthetics, too. Exhibit A is attached below, in the great single Such A Thrill.

On his journey through Europe‘s heartland, him and his phenomenal live band will stop in Hamburg Feb 9, Kiel on the 10th, Mainz on Valentine’s Day (no brainer), Düsseldorf Feb 15. Also on the itinerary are Zürich, Munich, Leipzig, Erfurt and a whole lot more. Find them all nicely listed in order of appearance, here.

Title image by Julia Perkuhn and her only.