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morceau du jour: Donna Blue – Solitaire

While Europe is bowing under the growing pressures of a proper summer heatwave, this enchanting duo above is offering lush hazy tunes that go along quite perfectly with the washed out aesthetics of palmy air and holiday Kodak films. Donna Blue here out the Netherlands call home to the many shorelines across this continent and have just announced an extended Germany tour for September, bringing along those warm riffs and a healthy dose of orange sunset romance to the grainy prospects of autumn.

They just released a full length album titled Dark Roses, via Utrecht’s brilliant indie outlet Snowstar. Find the jangly single Solitaire attached below. The album showcases a remarkable sense for melodies and setting the mood as well as a clear instinct for twists and turns and when to put the foot down. Dark Roses is a real treat and in times of Spotify and playlists comes as a good old fashioned album in the sense of a coherent track listing and arch, too. It will be a delightful breeze in the September evenings of Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and many more cities.

Full list of dates below – presented by Byte.fm, Musikblog, pøjpøj, Belmont Bookings, Snowstar Records, and yours truly!

Donna Blue x Dark Roses Tour 2022
16.09.22 – DE – Kassel, Franz Ulrich
17.09.22 – DE – Berlin, Schokoladen
18.09.22 – DE – Oberhausen, Gdanska
20.09.22 – DE – Mainz, schon schön
21.09.22 – DE – Nürnberg, MUZclub
22.09.22 – DE – München, Heppel und Ettlich
23.09.22 – DE – Schorndorf, Manufaktur
24.09.22 – DE – Hamburg, Reeperbahn Festival
25.09.22 – DE – Kusel, Kinett
27.09.22 – DE – Dortmund, FZW
28.09.22 – DE – Karlsruhe, KOHI

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