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morceau du jour: Dummy – Nuages

Los Angeles troublemakers Dummy here have two rather exciting cassette EPs under their little belts and used the pandemic to strap them together for a nice vinyl release on Chicago’s Trouble in Mind Records and Born Yesterday Records, remastered by none other than Slowdive’s Simon Scott.

The piece just came out September 2nd and is already sold out, so that’s that. However, they saved some of those rare copies for their upcoming tour, when the group travels across relevant parts of Europe. They kick things off at Hamburg’s slick Aalhaus, Sept 8 and them stream on through Denmark, Sweden, the UK, France, the Netherlands and also Switzerland and Italy – all dates, nicely listed here.

Find Nuages attached below, a dreamy showcase of their unique sense for melodies and putting together different styles, effortlessly creating new and driving rhythms, really making music. Should be a brilliant one to watch on a stage near you. They also have a brand new single out on SubPop as well as a full album that came out last year. For Nuages and all the latest Poule d’Or approved tunes, follow our weekly updated Spotify playlist Journal.