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premiere du jour: Tristan de Liège – Hawa feat. Carly Barnette

Downtempo master mind and regular philosophy PhD Tristan de Liège has spent the long Los Angeles winter in the studio, producing fresh new pieces of music. Building on his characteristic electronic sound, he took on a more diverse view of life and times on his new album, relying more on jazz influences and a fine selection of guest vocalists.

Exhibit A comes in the form of Hawa, a striking Poule d’Or exclusive and a carefully layered track combining Tristan’s full range of instrumental talents with the soothing vocals of Carly Barnette, of funk pop duo KiSMiT fame who themselves had a debut out last year.

Tristan de Liège’s new album Maisha is set to be released on May 31st via Manchester’s brilliant label and visual arts platform first light.