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Chrome Sparks swings by Hamburg – with two tickets for you

With almost a decade of EPs and singles under his racks, America’s treasure that is Chrome Sparks squeezed out a self-titled debut album in April. The 43 minute synth-powered ride is the long-playing culmination of his works, a deep dive into the elements, surfing the waves of ones and zeros, alongside a handsome group of guest singers giving his production a voice.

And not only that, Chrome Sparks is taking this bad boy on a rather worldly tour, making a stop at Hamburg’s prestigious Waagenbau, Wednesday October 31st. Team Poule is up in the air in excitement, and managed to secure a bundle of two tickets for one lucky person. All you need to do is wire a gdpr-compliant email to music at pouledor.com and hope for the best. The winner will be selected, at random, Tuesday Oct. 30th, 12 pm sharp.

Further shows include Berlin, Cologne, London, Paris and more. All of them nicely listed, here. Chrome Sparks, the album, is out now via Ninja Tunes’ Counter Records, and the usual streaming outlets for the Millennials amongst yourselves.

Photo credits above go to Landon Speers and Landon Speers only.