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Vogelball 2018: A river island, ornithological objects and long-legged beats

In the spirit of #Pride weeks, months and lives really, Hamburg’s Vogelball has been a fixture in the event calendar leading up to MS Dockville festival every summer. Since 2011 Vogelball is being celebrated on the weekend of the local CSD parade activities, Saturday Aug. 4th, and invites music and art lovers alike to come out to Hamburg’s river island of Wilhelmsburg for an evening of performances and positive vibes only – preferably dressed in ornithological apparel, naturally a point of reference for Team Poule.

The illustrious line-up of 2018 evolves around no less than 8 stages and brings together household names and local heroes like Honey DijonCakes Da Killa, Noga Erez, Kim Ann Foxman, RSS Disco, Curated by GIRLS, Nabihah Iqbal, Fidelity Kastrow, PHCK, Gaff E, Heartbeast, Tilman TausendfreundSimon Strotmann, Gilberto and KVIS. With additional performances by Rocking and MF Earthband. Quite the stinger. Tickets for Vogelball run at a face value of 27 euros, and they are selling fast.

Find attached below one of KVIS’ avid Isle of Wax mixes, this one in collaboration with Stones Throw’s Sofie for SOS Radio on NTS. A lush two hour companion to the steaming days of the year. Hit play and doze off.

Photo credits go to the one and only Axel Füllgraf.

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