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Pop-Kultur 2017: Cats, Commissioned Works and Fishbach

Fishbach again is it? The mighty lady of the North is one of the many attractions at Pop-Kultur Berlin next week. In between the puppies and kittens of the festivals third edition this year are many gems to be found in fact.

But first things first. Pop-Kultur Berlin takes place from August 23-25 at Kulturbrauerei in the heart of Germany’s capital and serves a three course meal of art, workshops, and a fair bit of networking opportunities for those inclined. Now, for the art-part they really make sure you get your hard earned moneys worth because not only are there more than 70 concerts but also a number of films, talks, installations and the like. Pop-Kultur aspires to provide room for discourse, for reflection, for interdisciplinary discussions and for scientific dialogues.

On the ticket then are big letter names like Alexis Taylor, of Hot Chip fame, Young Fathers, Darkstar, Steven Warwick, La Femme, and many more. Like old mate Fishbach here from France. Her somewhat cool and distant but infectious pop music should be a great fit for the brick wall surroundings of former brewery Kulturbrauerei. Furthermore, she is set up for a Commissioned Work piece, which sees her collaborating with designer Augustin Teboul and her label Lou de Bètoly who will provide the stage outfits. Fishbach & Lou de Bètoly are scheduled for 23h20 on August 23rd at Maschinenhaus. Her latest is attached below. Team Poule says, bring on those interdisciplinary discussions.

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