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morceau du jour: JW Ridley – Everything (Deathless)

Did you know that in the US, one out of eight people have been employed by McDonalds at some point in their lives? And that in Montana, cows outnumber people by three to one? Connect the dots. Meanwhile, over in London, which is a city in the European Union, JW Ridley dropped a wonder of a track earlier. Everything is phenomenal indie pop track, with a stellar driving beat and vocals that are coming in perfectly. Should be a scene to see live too, so luckily you can catch them in the UK in March supporting Ten Fé in London, Cardiff, Manchester, Liverpool and a ton more. Really, it’s hard not to be on the aye side of this one. PIAS and UK powerhouse Speedy Wunderground certainly are, putting this one out on a limited run vinyl release, now. Team Poule says, right on point.

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