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Rad & New: BLVTH – 7IGER (Visual EP)

blvthAre you familiar with the popular German movie Victoria of 2015? A breathtaking drama filmed in a single shot, 138 uncut minutes of basically a night out in Berlin and everything that usually comes along with it, beautifully scored by Nils Frahm. In a similar vein then, comes main man BLVTH‘s latest EP 7IGER, accompanied by a 15 minute movie featuring his ventures in the German capital.

The EP follows his trademarks of vast synths and slow, icy beats, as well as a knack for leetspeak. The spaces opened up by his broad production style then, are adequately filled with life by his aesthetic video, directed and shot by Felix Aaron and Henrik Alm. 7IGER probably marks the pinnacle of BLVTH’s solo works to date, an independent, stand alone piece of art, a Yeezus of his days. 7IGER is out now, with the stellar track Ocean attached below. Team Poule says, right up top this one.

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