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COMA on Driving, Jogging and the sounds Six Feet Under

comaSee those two bad boys above, lounging it out like Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett? It’s Marius and Georg, more commonly known as the not-polish ensemble COMA. The two of them have been making music together for the most part of their adolescent lives. Aging like a fine wine, their warm beats and synths are of high quality and easily among the best you will be able to find. They are currently on tour, playing Amsterdam on Friday this week, and then Berlin and their shiny hometown Cologne.

Their new album This Side Of Paradise is full of glam and French Riviera spirits and came out just last month on Kompakt. The hot single Lora is attached below at your convenience.

Now, all this was reason enough for Team Poule to inquire and see what COMA are all about.

Where did it all begin?

It began in high school were we already played in an indie rock band.

How has your approach to making music changed over the years?

It has been constantly changing cause it is developing all the time. It had an huge impact on us when we moved to Cologne and discovered the local electronic music scene, we were really stunned. Regarding our recent album release i think we are more reflective on what we are doing than we did before. We don’t necessarily have to lock ourselves up together and jam fo(u)r weeks till we come up with some new ideas.

Do you prefer studio work or touring?


What’s the best environment to listen to your music?

Some people said its perfect for driving and Jogging, but thats no guarantee, we haven’t tried it yet. We’ve basically listened to it in our studio over and over, thats why others have to decide where it fits best in „natural“ surroundings.

Do you have a setting or scene in mind when composing?

Its totally different. Marius likes to work this way, he always has an idea in mind before composing. I rather work intuitionally on ideas and go with the flow.

A TV show you would like to see your music being used as background score in?

Six feet under.

Three songs that are in your playlist right now?

Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm – Four
Otto a Totland – North Way
Tame Impala – Eventually.

Well, thanks for taking the time gents. Their new album is out now!

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