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morceau du jour: I’m Not A Band – Cages

imnotabandGetting a good look at those flowers? Like cherry blossom, like trees shaking their leaves off around this time of the year, I’m Not A Band or rather Stephan very naturally sports a new singing voice alongside his synths and production work. Not necessarily wanting to lose the old one but instead – very much like leaf and tree – both of them progressing, separately, mutually, endogenous. So, here comes I’m Not A Band in an all new formation. And having followed his development quite closely in the past, this new setup is quite the leap ahead for the tastes of Team Poule. Proper electronic pop music, very forward, while still showing the distinct Stephan-part in it.

They are touring Europe right now, stopping in Hamburg at Molotow Bar this Friday. Berlin and Dresden and loads more after that. Should be a fun season to watch. The new album is titled Oceans and it out on German label AdP Records. Attached below is Cages, off said album. Make sure to also get a glimpse of the great video that comes along with it.

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