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Flora Cash about the Swedish countryside and recording a debut album

Flora_CashCheck this: Cole and Shpresa met on SoundCloud and their musical attraction to one another quickly turned into something more and it wasn’t long before the two began a “Skype relationship”. Fast forward five months to June 2012, Shpresa, being from Stockholm, flew over to Minnesota to meet Cole in Minneapolis. She stayed for two months, then the couple returned to Sweden. One year later they got married and, now residing in Stockholm, they are working eagerly to release their debut album as Flora Cash. Attached below is their brand new video for the catchy single Save Me, written and directed by Lukasz Pytlik in Warsaw.

Reason enough for Team Poule to investigate into their lives and games a little bit more to see what Cole and Shpresa are all about.

How did recording your debut album go?

Our debut album is actually an ongoing “work in progress.” The way we look at it is: we only get one first album and we want to make sure that when we finally release it: it is exactly what we want it to be; a reflection of our very best and most authentic selves.

What inspired you?

The biggest thing that has and continues to inspire us – is the idea that anything is possible. Before we met, we could have never imagined where our lives were going. The idea that we would meet someone an ocean away, through music – and end up changing everything about the trajectory of our lives – it would have seemed impossible. We don’t think anything is too difficult or too unlikely anymore and that drives everything we do musically.

How does the Swedish countryside compare to Minnesota?

Too be honest: the Swedish countryside is very similar to Minnesota’s! There are times when we’re actually shocked out how similar they can be. On the other hand: Minnesota is much flatter overall than Sweden. There aren’t any mountains, for example. In terms of weather though: Minnesota has a more extreme climate. It’s hotter (and more humid) in the summer and colder (and more dry) in the winter.

Do you ever skype these days?

We still Skype quite a bit actually! But normally it’s with our families. Since the music often keeps us away from our families it’s still a fantastic way to keep in touch. As far as with each other: we’re rarely apart.

Thank you for taking the time – here now the video that is out as of today: Save Me by Flora Cash.

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