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morceau du jour: Dark Sky – Imagin

dark_skyNow, while you mostly hear about historic venues getting shut down left and right of the Atlantic, it is now time to celebrate the birth of a red hot new place, a brand new venue dedicated to live music. At least here in Hamburg – where The Beatles played first don’t you know it – and where VOLT is opening its doors for the first time this Thursday. The first name on the ticket and the first of a hopefully long and prestigious history to begin are London ensemble Dark Sky.

The trio is not only gonna play a full live set but also going to join in on the whole DJ set extravaganza that is going to be the afterparty. With Hamburg legends Ralf Köster of Golden Pudel Club, Levente and Pelle Buys doing their thing. Really, if you call this fair city of Hamburg home and wonder what to do on a bright Thursday night – this is it, your chance to have attended the first gig at VOLT.

Attached is Dark Sky’s loving Imagin off their LP with the same name – out now on Monkeytown Records.

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