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morceau du jour: Matthias Grübel – Sing

matthias_grübelBerlin’s super producer Matthias Grübel usually goes his ways writing and composing for plays and moving pictures as well as playing in bands with friends. And Team Poule always likes to take a sort of holistic approach to music, not only listening but also letting the artwork and song titles, etc have a say. Here now comes his solo debut EP going by the brilliant name of The Longest Year In History and over course of four tracks Matthias creates a wonderful, smooth sort of ambient, synth joyride that could well be the soundtrack to something while at the same time very much speaking for itself.

Attached is Sing, the second track on the EP, building up slowly to end as a total banger. Paired with this beaut of a collage on the EP artwork below, this is a release you do not want to miss. The Longest Year In History along with four remixes is out now on Audiobulb Records, stream it here.

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