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The Avener on Putting It Down, Fading Out and Short Straws

A proper hit this one. French producer The Avener has this smooth piece of beat out and it’s been hitting the charts, and quite heavily so. He sampled and remixed the sweet bejeezus out of Phoebe Killdeer and The Short Straws blues’y banger The Fade Out Line, so hat-tip to them. The man behind it, all around Nice guy Tristan, has been making electronic music for almost a decade, making his own music as well as producing for some big names – reason enough for Team Poule to get to the bottom of his recent success.

You have been making music for almost ten years, does it come as a surprise then that Fade Out Lines is the song that breaks into the charts?

Yes I am very surprised; I produced EDM before, for myself and as a ghost producer for others. But it got to a point where I didn’t like what I was producing anymore, so I decided to take a one year break, and then produced ‘Fade Out Lines’. Considering the success, I guess this was a good move!

Do you have a special connection to Jazz and Blues music?

Not really, I have a classical music background, but I love most styles of music, and really enjoy Jazz and Blues.

What music is the most influential to you?

Wow, so many songs, so many styles that are influential to me. Soul, Funk, Folk, Blues…

Having produced and written songs for other musicians, did this experience help you with your own music too?

Of course, every experience helps in some way, in this case, producing for others gave me the chance to push my abilities even further than producing for myself, alone.

Where do you start with when writing a new song?

Usually, I wake up with an idea, and put it down in the studio quickly, then come back to it later in the day and if it’s something I can work with, then I produce it. Pretty simple, really.

Do you prefer making music for the club or for the radio?

I make music for the people. If it can play in the club or on radio, then that’s even better !

Your debut album as The Avener will be out soon, any chance of seeing you on a European tour?

For sure ! A lot in Germany, too. All the dates are on my website.

Merci Tristan!

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