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MS Dockville 2014: Jungle

Probably one of the most-hyped names this year: Jungle. The ensemble built up quite a bit of online buzz and followed up with a rather great album. Now they are off playing as many festivals as is humanly possible this summer and correctly they chose to play Hamburg on their way. Not only that, they will also be back in Germany in November playing on four dates – so get the taste at Dockville and reminisce about that feeling in a hot night club in fresh November. They will be playing Großschot on Friday 17.20

Attached above is – following their tradition of awesome videos – their latest offering Time. Also to be found on their debut album Jungle which is out on XL. They will be playing Hamburg 15 Nov at Grünspan, Berlin’s Postbahnhof 17 Nov, and finishing off in Munich and Düsseldorf.

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