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Unknown 2014: Forests, Boats, Islands, Jungle and Mount Kimbie

unknown_1Now, two of these above are gonna be spending some time in Croatia in September when legendary Unknown Festival is opening its gates for this years extravaganzas. Set nicely on the Adriatic coast line in Rovonj, the festival takes places not only on the beach but also along the hinterland forests and the islands nearby. Boat parties included. The official festival does come with the option of a three star hotel which is among the best things Team Poule has seen a festival do. Sleeping in the forest under the starry skies does sound a bit more festival’ish though.

So who else will be on board – literally? Jungle and Mount Kimbie, Jamie xx, Erol Alkan, and a load more. Already confirmed headliners include Nile Rodgers (yes.), Disclosure, Moderat, London Grammar and bunch more waiting to be announced. Mark that in your calendars, September 8-12th.

Attached below is TEED setting the mood with Your Love. Hot sun, sandy beaches, cool shade under the trees and hot summer nights by the sea – it really goes.

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