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Roskilde Rising 2014: From Blaue Blume to Kill J

roskildeDanish über-Festival Roskilde is about to start this weekend. Some people say Roskilde is so big, it’s the only festival you can see from space. And others were heard saying Roskilde is so big, it has different time zones. Now, while the head liners include some minor bookings like The Rolling Stones and Stevie Wonder, like ever so often it’s the smaller stages where the lovely shit happens. So, Roskilde Rising is where you want to look for the shweet little joys of life. One of them is Blaue Blume for sure. The Copenhagen quartet has been hypeddd for some time, and they should be among the one to watch in Roskilde. Blaue Blume play on Monday June 30, 17h00.

Likewise, hip hop fused Danish delight Kill J will showcase her energetic live set. Attached below is Phoenix, her smash hit single. And you know that she is one of those artists who will absolutely murder things on stage. Should be a great gig. Kill J plays on Wednesday July 2, 18h30.

The most spectacular show for Team Poule though: My Heart The Brave. The super producer from Copenhagen just released one of the best tapes that crossed our little headquarters’ desks this year. Organic electro pop with a drum line that will stay stuck in your head for days. My Heart The Brave will play Tuesday July 1, 18h30.

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