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SPOT Festival 2014: Poule d’Or X Good Because Danish Mixtape

SPOT14-MIXTAPE 650x325One week til SPOT Festival in Aarhus where on May 1st doors open for three nights of music, movies and general Danish extravaganza. In a good tradition of covering Danish festivals here at Poule headquarters, we like to rely on the vast knowledge and exquisite taste of fellow music blog and expert of everything dansk Good Because Danish.

To get in the mood of SPOT Festival’s ace line-up this year, we put together a mixtape with our favorites. Presenting: The Sound of SPOT Festival – as heard by Good Because Danish and Poule d’Or. Hit play, and if you will be at SPOT next week, let’s grab a couple of cold ones!


1. Kill J – Bullet
2. Iberia – Glide
3. The League Of Extraordinary Gentleman – Datt league shit
4. My Heart The Brave – Keep Me From It
5. Blaue Blume – Lost Sons Of Boys
6. Chorus Grant – O Everyone
7. Ann See – Drawn
8. The Attic Sleepers – Lines
9. Tellavision – Haters You Love
10. Quick Quick Obey – Sunn
11. Amason – Went To War
12. Heimatt – Comforting Love
13. Feel Freeze – Wet My Tongue
14. GLASS – Screams

Find all of Team Poule’s pick in detail here.

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