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premiere du jour: Ditt Inre – Formulär 1A (Hilmer X At Work ’91 Remix)

Ditt_InreHosting a WORLD premiere for this one: Sweden’s Ditt Inre present the latest remix of their single Formulär 1A off their debut album which is out on Cascine. Hilmer X has turned their peaceful ambient sound into a wild electronic twilight ride. The saxophone on this is literally blowing the roof off this song. SO good. Hilmer X is producer Joel Hilme from Stockholm who is currently working on his own debut album, definitely something to keep an eye on.

Meanwhile, this remix is a tribute to the Godfather and pioneer of house music Frankie Knuckles, who passed away this Monday, March 31st, only 59 years old. Listen to Your Love, from 1987.

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