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morceau du jour: N-A-I-V-E-S – Wigo

naivesSeriously?! I was all pumped up to share this great track along with some very thoughtful and witty words but typing their name with all these hyphen hyphen hyphen just now totally ruined the vibe. Am I impulsive? Maybe. Is it because this track was playing while writing this? Possibly. Did this post turn out the way it was supposed to? Definitely not. However Naives – seriously can’t be effed with all those — are sort of a love child of We Have Band and Is Tropical and I don’t know, maybe Friendly Fires, but aren’t they in everything now these days. Either way, this song is a great song. I need a cigarette and I do not even smoke.

So, and Naives will also play some shows next month: Barcelona, Firenze, Bologna, Paris (twice) and London. Now this right there is a road trip I wouldn’t say no to. I reckon those will be some fun shows.

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