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A Pouliversary – Poule d’Or turns 4

poznanAnother egg in the Poule’s nest. It’s been four years today and casually checking my favorite blogs from back then I realized that most of them either became huge slash real businesses (looking at you No Fear of Pop, Disco Naivete and The Unfound/now Forty Ounce Clothing) or ceased to exist (Pigeon Post, Hellhole Entrance, Neon Enlightenment, Pure Groove, …). Team Poule though is a survivor.

But why is that? Obviously because Poule d’Or has the best readers in the world. You guys reading this are the reason we are still around. You guys are the reason we work our way through the many emails and other music blogs always looking for good new and overlooked music to share. You guys are the reason it still is fun. A massive thank you goes out to all you 1.952 facebook fans, 608 twitter followers and all you guys regularly checking our page for updates. Thank you, really.

And when I say best readers in the world, it’s actually kind of true. We had visitors from 133 different countries last year, ranging from the United States, to Fiji, Uganda and Laos. That’s two-thirds of all countries in the world. Feels sort of international.

Now and last year, we only managed to put together one compilation. Back in May. Long overdue, there will be a new one this month, promise.

Also a big thank you to the range of festivals that wanted Team Poule around last year: thank you Berlin Music Video Awards, thank you Roskilde, thank you Dockville, thank you Melt!, thank you Trailerpark and last but not least thank you CPH:DOX. We really look forward to coming back this summer.

Cheers to a fifth year, starting today. Providing the soundtrack is FEWS – one to look out for this year. Chances are I already said that last year, but sometimes we are just ahead of our time.

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