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morceau du jour: Boardwalk – Crying

boardwalkLos Angeles duo Boardwalk dropped another hot one off their debut album, to be released tomorrow. And if you are anything like Team Poule – which I really hope you’re not – you read that name and immediately associate 1920s Atlantic City and Steve Buscemi’s smirky little face with it. However, once you hit play, Boardwalk drop the Empire and at once take their business all the way across the States to the West Coast until all that’s left is the image of a dreamy promenade. Orange skies, palmy air.

Crying is their latest single and stay put, because their (great) self-titled LP will be out tomorrow October 15th on the amazing Stones Throw Records. And then there are the two minds behind the masks: Mike Edge and Amber Quintero, as pictured above. Now, I don’t know if these are made-up names to sound extra-cool but those are some stellar names. Right?

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