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Rad & New: Imposter(s) – First

impostorThere is a Japanese saying that goes: [tweetable hashtag=”#impostors #pouledor”]Oitaru uma wa michi o wasurezu.[/tweetable] An old horse knows his way. So with that elephant horse in the room, here go Imposter(s) a new group from who knows where and who really cares when the tunes are this exquisite and alluringly presented. The duo released their debut First today and has Team Poule on the edge of our seats. Crisp indie electronica, a perfect blend of avant-garde pop and rock influences.

Attached is the vast opener Impostor. See how smooth it is? As SILK. And the best part, this great maxi-single is only the first (no pun) of three. So that means two more to come. All nicely arranged, three tracks each. Keep your eyes on this one, these horses do know their way quite well. Meanwhile First is up for grabs for a limited time in exchange for a facebook like, click.

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