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morceau du jour: Noble Savage – The Surfer’s Code

noble_savageThe week kicked off rather awful in this part of the world. Summer has fled the scene over night and it’s been windy and raining cats and dogs. Just then, in this grim outlook, enter Claire, day saver and avid follower who found herself surfing the SoundCloud, liking this song attached and then wired her latest finding straight to Poule headquarters. Amazing, thank you Claire, you winner.

So this is Noble Savage from Canada offering a refreshing breeze of surf pop. The lad has a new album out accompanying this song. The best part: it’s even better than this song, very diverse, has eight stellar track aaaaand it’s free name-your-price up on bandcamp. So click through, thank Claire and [tweetable hashtag=”#noblesavage #pouledor” alt=”Enjoy life with a proper soundtrack.”]enjoy life with a proper soundtrack.[/tweetable]

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