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The Poule d’Or X Good Because Danish Trailerpark Festival 2013 Mixtape

trailerpark_mixtapes-pouledorWho doesn’t like a catchy title? As Team Poule will go to Copenhagen next week to hang around a skatepark and listen to exclusively good music, we were really flattered when esteemed authority in everything Danish, the great Polish music blog Dobre, bo duńskie (Good because Danish) suggested to team up and put together a nice little mixtape for the occasion.

So cheers to Arletta for creating this brilliant 55-minute Trailerpark Festival ride. Absolutely loving the clever intro on it, super cool. You hit play below and read up on track list and everything else over at Good Because Danish – a blog you should consider following more closely. Prime source for good music.

UPDATE: We got picked up for the official Trailerpark Festival mixtape series!

Poule d’Or & Good Because Danish – TRAILERPARK FESTIVAL 2013 MIXTAPE by Good Because Danish on Mixcloud

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