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morceau du jour: Encore – Let It Up

encoreTeam Poule’s favourite Versaillais trio Encore provides just the right soundtrack for this grim Monday evening. Feels like summer just started and then, suddenly, lost focus. Like, rookie mistake or something. Meanwhile Versailles, I was told, is not far away from Paris – but it’s not possible to go there on foot. In case you weren’t aware and thought, oh well I’ll just fly into Paris and walk.. NO! Can’t be done. Pas possible.

However, Encore do have a handful of shows in Paris lined up. Or actually only one yet, a big one: they’ll be rocking Nouveau Casino on September 19th which is still an awful long time to go. Let’s focus on summer first. Luckily, Encore provides the tunes and the warm promise of more to come. Hit play.

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