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morceau du jour: Charles Bradley – You Put The Flame On It

cbSo, I always had a keen interest in Jazz and Soul music but it’s such a giant and diverse genre that it’s somewhat overwhelming and difficult finding a good entry point. So then I was really pleased when I walked into a Seattleite-run coffee shop in Poznan in Poland a couple of weeks ago and ended up spending too much time there chatting with owner Erik.

Unlike this little amateur-run music blog, Erik did know a lot about Jazz and Soul and tipped me off to Charles Bradley – who was born in 1948 growing up in the Brooklyn of the 50s. This year he released his second album Victim Of Love on Daptone Records. You don’t need to know much about music to fall for this record, it’s so pure and passionate, absolutely amazing. Hat-tip to Big Foot Coffee in Poznan. Attached is the trademark You Put The Flame On It. And if you are like me – which I hope you’re not – take this as your entry point.

Also, Europeans, we are in luck: Charles Bradley and his band are currently on tour playing Copenhagen tonight (June 17), Grünspan in Hamburg on Wednesday (June 19) and Berlin on the 26th among others. There are loads of dates and festivals throughout the year, find all of them here. See this man!

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