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morceau du jour: Wyoming – Afterword

wyomingHallelujah! Some fine tunes coming our way from the heart of Germany: Wyoming hailing from Lorch. Had to google that, and Lorch sounds quite like the German equivalent of the state Wyoming. Phonetically, it’s quite a beaut too. Lorch. Anyway, off topic. The trio has a new EP out titled Fountain with three songs, dreamy indie pop at its finest. And do check their website, see what happens to the banner photo when scrolling down? Loving that. It’s the little things hey.

Attached is Afterword, hear those infectious riffs! Brilliant. The whole EP is well worth being checked out too though, so click through. Now, not sure where to draw the line to Joy Division here – BUT that artwork clearly is rendering an homage to the great Brits.

Actually, quick check with the band: it’s a piece by Danish artist Hvass&Hannibal and is supposed to mirror the mood of the EP: the steady movement of flowing water, a current in a river or stream. Fair enough then, hit play before the tides comes in.

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