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Berlin Music Video Awards – April 24-28th 2013

bmvaRemember when music videos were all new and cool and exciting? When Michael Jackson had a NEW video and you were sitting in front of your TV waiting for it to come on? You probably don’t because those were the 90s. When the internet wasn’t invented and when you weren’t annoyed by people asking you for directions (just googlemap it hellooo!). Anyway, it’s time to cherish the music video as a form of art itself again. Enter: The Berlin Music Video Awards hosted in Villa Neukölln April 24th to 28th.

Now here comes the fun part: the nominees are all based on internet votes. You can submit your own nominees for a range of given categories. You can even submit your own video and with some luck have it voted on in the second round. Submissions close soon though, this Wednesday March 20th, so be quick now. There are a range of prizes for everyone taking part, too! Submit your nominees here.

Then, starting March 24th all nominees can be voted on online. The final winners will then be determined live at the event in Berlin.

berlin mva vote

Take a look at some of the submissions so far here, and find all information on the Berlin Music Video Awards homepage.

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