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morceau du jour: The Mints Of Idaho – BBTTBTBT

Not sure WHAT to make of The Mints Of Idaho - but they've been going on for a while, so the Poule might as well throw them up here and let the people decide. Or something like that. Democratic votes! With facebook thumbs. I don't even want to get into details too much, seems like really hard work. They're not really transparent, Soundcloud says they're from Galaxy, Germany - but I'm not buying it. And unless there is something I don't see, BBTTBTBT isn't just a cat walking over the keyboard but a cat performing full on dance moves - on the keyboard! Anyway, just listen to this song, and maybe definitely check their Soundcloud ("It's Magic MAN!"). Okay maybe one more word: A New-Millenium-Female-Tribe Called Quest. Okay that was more than one word.

[soundcloud width=640 url="http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/47952623" iframe="true" /]


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