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morceau du jour: Saint Motel – 1997

Remember 1997? Neither do I. Here is what we missed: Bill Clinton is inaugurated for his second term, blockbuster Titanic premieres in the US, divorce becomes legal in Ireland, the Spice Girls are breaking through, the first Harry Potter novel is published and Steve Jobs returns to a financially troubled Apple Computers. Quite the year.

So here come Saint Motel with “sort of a loving ode to the friendships forged in the Heaven’s Gate cult” singing

I’ve made so many new friends. With open arms they let me in. They say they’ll be with me ‘till the end. They say they’ll stay through thick and thin. And it’s gonna happen in 1997.

The Heaven’s Gate cult, for those unaware, was a UFO religion most famous for its mass suicide in March 1997 in order to reach an alien space craft which they believed was following the Comet Hale-Bopp. Some fucked up shit, right there, wrapped into great tunes.

The Poule investigated and asked their singer and pianist A/J to make sense of this: “I can remember being a little kid and just being fascinated by them. I was also really young back then and the thought of beaming up to a traveling comet that would become an interstellar spaceship sounded like a dream come true. I was also a bit of a loner back then, so I could kinda understand the lure of friendship and another world…”. Saint Motel are up to something, keep an eye on them.

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