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Red Eye Fugu: short film, short interview, and Spice Girls

Red Eye Fugu – Prophecies (I Don’t Mind) | LP on bandcamp

Los Angeles artist Red Eye Fugu has quietly released one of the most overlooked albums of the year. Watchers is a beautiful collection of psych-pop songs. Here comes a new video for his track Prophecies (I Don’t Mind). The video, which is more like a short film, was written and directed by Jhovany Quiroz and takes you through a racy narrative of a young couple played by Leila Perry and Agostino Bommarito.

Watchers makes a good Christmas present too > buy now

The man behind Red Eye Fugu sat down to talk to Poule d’Or a little bit. Meet Enzo Tiano:

Who are you? How did Red Eye Fugu start?

I’m Enzo Tiano, currently living in La Puente (The Bridge), CA. Red Eye Fugu is a side project that I’ve been working on just this year. I first started writing songs for Red Eye Fugu but didn’t really know what to do with them. I eventually compiled them and created a zone-out, beat driven style of compositional approach, which became some kind of psychedelic-funk pop.

Where do you draw your biggest influences from?

First of all, John Lennon was my first song writing hero. I love the beatles (just like everyone) but Lennon had some flare that is definitely ahead of it’s time. I, then ventured off to bands like Panda Bear, Gonjasufi, Dumbo Gets Mad, Toro Y Moi, Tune Yards, Doldrum and many more that sound a bit weird but you just can’t stop listening to.

What kind of music did you listen to as a kid?

I listened to pop and alternative music as a kid. Bands like: Oasis, Foo Fighters, Radiohead, Tupac, White Town, Jamiroquai, R.E.M., Boys to Men, Spice Girls (hehe) and combined with a bit of 60’s music.

How do you record your music?

I record all my music for Red Eye Fugu at my home studio. Being an artist, I believe it’s the best way to record; sort of a meditative way of privately expressing yourself.

What’s the story behind the video/short film for Prophecies?

The concept of the video was very random. I approached my high school buddy, Jhovany Quiroz about coming up with a sexy video about one night stands and splicing the difference between men and women. I didn’t want it to have any connection with the actual lyrics so the audience can have a broader interpretation of the song lyrically and visually. It took one night to shoot the video in Pasadena, CA, and the concept evolved as we went through the night, nothing was scripted.

I did the piano piece during the prologue and will eventually continue to write musical scores for Jhovany in his lates short films, coming out in the summer of 2012.

Do you have a ‘real’ job?

If I’m not writing or recording music, I work 9-5 as a marketing administrator for a protective case for mobile device company. It’s a pretty chill job. I do mostly social networking, email blasts and promotional videos; pretty useful for what I do in music.

3 songs/blogs/activities/things/whatevers you want to recommend to our readers?

I love the blog Altered Zones but they’ve moved and changed their name to Ad Hoc, either way, I listen to new weird music over there. When it comes to movies, right now Irreversible and Exit Through The Gift Shop would take the cake as one of my favorites. It has a really simple plot yet it can move you as if you’re part of the situation. When it comes to books, I definitely recommend any Zachariah Sitchin novel. If you’re not familiar with his work, it’s a bit more on the imaginative-extra terrestrial side of town; you might wanna check it out.

Thanks for taking the time! 

Grab Enzo’s debut LP Watchers on bandcamp. Makes an ace Christmas present.

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