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morceau du jour: Germany Germany – 120

It’s been a wild year 2011 for Canadian bon vivant and mastermind producer Drew Harris aka Germany Germany. After releasing no less than four (4!!) albums last year, one better than the other, he spent this year touring all relevant parts of Europe. Life of a rock star.

It came at a price though. Burnt out at young age, he announced an indefinite creative pause to the Germany Germany project. What will be his last album for now, a re-edited version of his third album Radiowave II, will be out on bandcamp December 15th. For free.

Find his good-bye-blog-post with links to all of his releases here. On the one hand it’s easy to say this is all a bit sad, but then again over the course of two years Drew has constantly over-delivered and released more high quality music than most artists will in a lifetime. Thank you and come back soon, Bro.

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