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album du jour: Sayem – A City Gone Mad w/ Fever

Apparently, self proclaimed DJ, sound designer and composer, Sayem has been around for a while: producing hip-hop songs in 2007, working with the likes of Cut Copy and Cassius, making promotional music for a Nokia advert, etc. You know, the usual. So now, the Toulouse-born Paris-resident has finished his new album A City Gone Mad w/ Fever that found its way into my inbox. While you can clearly hear his hop-hop roots, on his new LP he creates a magical electro, sort of ambient soundscape, really good. Check out the opening track Scenario and Play Fight and Win below.

See him at La Machine du Moulin Rouge in Paris, December 10th.

Sayem - Scenario | buy on iTunes

Sayem - Play Fight and Win | buy on iTunes

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