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morceau du jour: The Chi Chi Bang Bang Cthulhus – When I Think About It

This is probably one of the worst band names the Poule ever laid his eyes on. Don’t even try. Even their bandcamp features at least two different spellings.. whatever gonna just refer to them as Chi Chi and it’s about their “product” after all right? Because when they get at it, lovely folk sort of indie pop comes out the other end, rather enjoyable. The four Chi Bangs hail from Germany’s lovely city of Leipzig. Here are two songs off their new album Ghosts which is up on bandcamp. The radio-friendly When I Think About It and the epic 8 minute journey Requiem. Show them some love.

Chi ChiWhen I Think About It | right click save as | buy on bandcamp

Chi ChiRequiem | right click save as | buy on bandcamp

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