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Limited posting the next few days …

… in the meantime, try the new Shuffle la Poule function for a random post and check with the lovely blogs in the blogroll. A special shout-out to:

Lucy vs. the globe – for daily updates on how to be awesome, garnished with sublime musical picks.

LE CHARIVARI – supreme style guide and the most awesome interviews.

Em and Sid – advice on life’s big questions and how to be good.

Relentless Noisemaker – your daily go-to music blog for selected 80s, synth, rock and general swag treasures.

Disco Naiveté – daily prime coverage of all musical novelties: the CNN of music blogs.

Pigeon Post – the best written music blog out there: The New Yorker of music blogs, minus the cartoons (yet).

.. and of course, grab a Poule d’Or Compilation – if you haven’t already done so.

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