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My Friend Wallis: Crystal Dorval’s iPod doesn’t work like that..

Recently stumbled upon My Friend Wallis‘ lovely tunes and was intrigued to find out more. Turns out that the girl behind it, Crystal Dorval, hails from British Columbia, Canada. Who could have seen that coming?! My Friend Wallis is one of her older projects and produces highly enjoyable indiepop with a tropical twist. A brilliant EP entitled When The Blue Turned Yellow is available on bandcamp which is well worth the purchase. On her latest project DAD Crystal produces a little more blurry bedroom-type lo-fi shoegaze.

My Friend WallisRunning | buy on bandcamp |download on Dracula Horse

DAD – Free | download on bandcamp

What’s the last thing you ate?

Steamed broccoli with cheese on it.

How do you record your music?

I have been recording a lot of different ways over the past couple years. In studios, in friends’ living rooms, in my bedroom, on computers, on cassette recorders, even on my cell phone! Though I haven’t released any of the cell phone recordings.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Other music definitely. Being outside on nice days always inspires me. It’s like I just want to make a soundtrack for the day. As for lyrics, everyday I go outside and walk around, I get ideas. When I try to process the world and life and everything, I get confused about it, so I try to figure it out through writing.

What would be the ideal environment to listen to your music?

Well if we are talking about My Friend Wallis I think maybe outside in your backyard on a sunny day, or maybe on headphones while you’re riding a bike! For DAD, maybe like an opium den or something? jk!

Press play on your iPod, what are the first three songs that come up?

I don’t think my iPod works like that? Haha, it’s an older model… I was revisiting some classics recently though: Nico, Leonard Cohen, and Fleetwood Mac.

Who’s work/art/music would you recommend on checking out?

Geographing Records and all the bands releasing stuff on that label. It’s just one guy who does everything, he put out my DAD tape. He puts out tons of great stuff from Vancouver!

Thanks for taking the time for Poule d’Or!

Stay updated with her projects: @crystaldorval | homepage

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