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Poule d’Or Compilation 7

The Poule d’Or Compilation series continues with its seventh installment! This one features some spectacular new bands as well as some familiar names.

My Thank-yous go to all the 14 artists who gave me a track for this edition, I’m still amazed by the amount of positive answers everytime. And of course thank you loyal downloaders for your continued interest, you make Poule d’Or what it is!

You can listen to each song in this post by hitting its shiny play button, but because I’m no a wizard in the dark worlds of CSS, PHP, HTML, WWW, OMG, WTF, ETC .. you (don’t) have to pause a track before starting a new one if you don’t want to listen to 14 tracks at the same time.

Hope you enjoy this sunny selection as much as the previous ones!

1. Aviaries – Camomile | Outstanding song by a band that should have more than the current 23 listeners according to last.fm. Snag their EP on bandcamp, it’s easily one of the best indie/electronic releases you’ll find, hands down. | Leeds, United Kingdom | facebookbandcamp

2. Total Warr – Please Never | Massive trampoline music from the lovely Kiki and Guigui. Awesome folks, great summer song. Their debut LP will be out later this year. | Paris, France | facebooktwitter

3. Summer Heart – Please Stay | My summer hit! Fantastic song, all warm and dreamy but also a little bit sad. Topped off with the most beautiful vocals. Really amazing track, on repeat here for the past weeks. Grab the EP on bandcamp. | Malmö, Sweden | facebook | bandcamp

4. Radioseven – Stellar Cartographer I | Radioseven is a sort of Banksy-like mastermind producer who popped up a few weeks ago, wanting to stay anonymous to keep focus on the music. Catch him if you can. | facebookbandcamp

5. Christoph Andersson – Metropol | So much talent here, Christoph is only 19 and rules his genre already, check his other songs too, they’re all great. | New Orleans, Lousiana | facebooktwitter

6. Teddiedrum – Miami | One of the Poule’s favorite songs this year. Super good. Thanks to Gerlin at Coincidental Happenings for the heads-up. | Ghent, Belgium | facebooktwitterhomepage

7. Mitten – Similar Sense | Breezy electro pop title from Joanna and Maia. One of those songs that you can listen to no matter what mood you’re in. Great song. | Brooklyn, New York | facebookbandcamp

8. My Tiger My Timing – Ask Your Heart | Sweet little pop gem of the Poule’s favorite tiger quintet and frequent supporter of Poule d’Or, super stoked for their debut album -finally- dropping in May. Look out. | London, United Kingdom | facebook | twitterhomepage

9. Papertwin – Coma | This ‘boy group’ quartet diffuses electro pop with a highly addictive rhythm. Grab more on their bandcamp page. | Brooklyn, New York | facebookbandcamp

10. Sameblod – Feel My Breath | A dreamy and bouncy electro pop song only Swedes achieve to deliver, so unique, so good. | Stockholm, Sweden | facebook

11. Karl X Johan – Fantasies | Remarkable second single after their smash hit Flames – on Poule d’Or 4. Monumental pop. Love it. | Stockholm, Sweden | facebookhomepage

12. Olympic Ayres – Daylight | Daylight is a really fantastic song. Don’t overlook this one. Off their also brilliant three track EP which is up on bandcamp. | Sydney, Australia | facebook | bandcamp | twitter

13. ΔIR LINΞS – Burial Grounds | Exciting new five piece delivering a rousing summer day anthem. Grab their debut EP on bandcamp, comes with beautiful artwork. | Los Angeles, California | facebook | twitter | bandcamp

14. Air Bag One – Sweet England (Low-key live session) | Great new electro rock trio. This track is a live recording from a studio session. Quite impressive. | Paris, France | facebook


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  • Lucas Nedellec March 30, 2011, 9:43 pm

    Error downloading file. Retrying… :/

    cool selection, summer mood :-D

    • hen March 30, 2011, 9:45 pm

      yeah crap :( adding new link, done in 16 mins

  • Summer Heart March 30, 2011, 10:15 pm

    Lovely! <3

  • Killer Hype April 14, 2011, 7:42 pm

    We’re smitten over Mitten – Similar Sense – Super dope track!

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