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Beatles memories, time travel and free grooming advice with TEDDIEDRUM

LOOK at those beautiful moustaches! They belong to Jason Dousselaere and Dijf Sanders from Gent in Belgium, also known as Teddiedrum. Their new song Miami blew the Poule’s socks right off when he hit that innocent play button for the first time. So, hold on to your wigs and keys.

TeddiedrumMiamiHD video | download mp3 on facebook

Get to know the two masterminds behind the project:

What feeling do you want to carry to the listener?

Jason: Naturally it changes from song to song, but mostly we want to make them horny, excited and happily confused. I like songs with a double feeling.

Dijf: I hope listeners will make up their own story and feeling. We don’t want to force anyone into our own.

How do you complete each other?

Jason: We both write songs, but Dijf is simply the best at producing sounds and creating crazy technical opportunities. He is the inventor of the teddiedrum: our drumkit built with teddiebears. Mostly, Dijf comes up with all of the drumstuff and then we add chords, riffs and melodies. I provide most of the lyrics. We’ve been friends since we were 14 and we’ve been writing songs together ever since. We bought our first guitar together by begging door to door in the neighbourhood. When we hit it, magic happens. We share the same sense of humour.

Dijf: I make crazy sounds and Jason abuses them.

What’s your first musical memory?

Jason: My parents had the Sgt Peppers album by The Beatles. Me and my brother used to listen to “Good morning, good morning” over and over again. It has those great animal samples. :)

Dijf: Tears for Fears and Matt Bianco, I think. It’s something my dad listened to in the car.

Press play on your iPod, what are the first three that come up?

Jason: Animal Collective, Silicon Teens and Robert Johnson

Dijf: Daniel Johnston, Aphex Twin and Wild Nothing

If you could travel in time, where would you go and why?

Jason: Even though I want to beware for spoiler alert, I would go to the future. These are exciting times!

Dijf: Somewhere in the 40s, when every invention was actually new and exciting.

What animal would you adopt (if you could any) and why?

Jason: I would adopt a fox because they are elegant, clever and a little mean at the same time. And they appear in a favorite Belgian legend, Reynard the fox.

Dijf: An albino hedgehog.

Gotta say, I’m quite jealous of your moustache. Do you apply some sort of conditioner to keep it shiny?

Jason: Haha, thank you. I don’t, but apperently there excists a special stuff to groom your moustache, I believe it is called pommade.

Dijf: Dolphin saliva

Thanks for taking the time!

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