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Rad & New: Young Athletes League

Young Athletes League – Forget And Go Home // facebook
Bang Bang Bang. Here come Pierre Vaux and Harry Sanderson, two bonvivants from the heart of England. They make music as Young Athletes League, wrap your ears around their latest Forget It & Go Home and listen to what they have to say.


Where are you from?

Opposite ends of the countryside around Oxford. From small villages.

Where did you meet each other?

Harry says: “I remember meeting Pierre outside at break at sixth-form college. We were both into Autechre, Merzbow, Suicide etc. We met before though at a friends birthday when we 15 or so.”

What does your recording process look like?

We do different things, depends on the situation, usually just run into laptop, or bounce things down onto 2-track. We have improv sessions just messing around for hours and then lift samples from that, or from other people’s stuff and then rehearse things live and record them. if they’re good we use them for something else, etc and it just keeps going like that. Trial, more error.

What does your “studio” look like?

It’s a desk, lot’s of wires, keyboards, coke bottles full of cigarette butts, and beds. We sleep there.

What inspires you?

G.A.N.G, Basic Channel, The Skaters, DJ Screw…

What feeling do you want to carry to the listener?


What was the first record you owned?

Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana, and NOW ’68.

Can you qype us your favorite restaurant?

JJ’s in London

On that bombshell it’s time to end, thanks for taking the time.

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