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1st Pouliversary

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It was a year ago today that I started posting songs on a regular basis here .. what happened during the following 12 months largely exceeded my wildest imaginations. Starting Poule d’Or has brought me so much fun and joy and most importantly the opportunity to meet really wonderful people and new friends along the way. For that I’m really grateful.

First and foremost, major thanks to all the artists who supported Poule d’Or and shared their wonderful music for a compilation. The amount of positive feedback has really been overwhelming. I want to thank all you readers for showing interest in Poule d’Or and for downloading almost 3.000 compilations.

Special thanks for being supportive, helpful and just awesome to

Drew Harris from Distorted Disco / Germany Germany

Anne-Valérie & Marie from TEA-Zine

Camille and Sarah from Le Charivari

Anh Phi at Voluume Webzine / blog

Teresa from Relentless Noisemaker

Gerlin from Neon Enlightenment

Haley and Bibi, contributors to Distorted Disco Visual

Henning from No Fear Of Pop

Matt from The Pigeon Post

Mathieu from Hellhole Entrance

Vicente from M48V

Nicolas from Random Trax

Brandon from The Burning Ear

Sam Johnson from Forty Ounce Clothing / The Unfound

Simon Singleton at Pure Groove

Sutja Gutiérrez & Miguel Boxerinlove (The Fruhstucks)

Anna Vincent of My Tiger My Timing

David Alexander, Rasmus Andersson, Staffan Wieslander, Andreas Andersson, Erik Nylen (The Lost Crew)

Matt of Young Empires

Fanny Bartels (NY Fan)

Mauro Remiddi (Porcelain Raft)

Holger Bär of Dadajugend Polyform

Andrew Hamlet & Trizz Holmes (ArnHao)

all of you 155 facebook fans and 98 twitter followers

unouomedude for providing the soundtrack

and everyone I forgot – sorry.


Thank you for making 2010 the most amazing year. Much love and Happy New Year!

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  • Gerlin January 2, 2011, 7:41 pm

    Hell yes! Also, nice wordplay there with pouliversary.

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