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Poule d’Or advent calendar #4

Over the coming weeks till Christmas, pouledor.com will celebrate the fine year that 2010 has been for music with selected sweets and treats for you. Some familiar joints will be pushed back into the limelight and some new bits might find their way in here too. And of course there will be a big surprise behind the Christmas door for you as well ..

Fourth window :

Redondo Beach and Monster Rally produce both peculiar and very unique pop music.

Monster Rally – Moonglow

‘Safariwave’ from Monster Rally’s upcoming LP “Coral” – out January 2011 on Gold Robot Records, all downloads on bandcamp.


Redondo Beach – He would make her like winter

C’est moi, tu dormais? This song might not get you on the first listen, it’s quite groovy though. She’s an air hostess.

Downloads on bandcamp.

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